Mission Statement


New Mexico Junior College, as a comprehensive community college, promotes success through learning.


New Mexico Junior College’s mission will be achieved by building a culture that values and promotes excellence, effectiveness, responsiveness, access, and community involvement.

New Mexico Junior College is committed to the following values in support of its mission as we provide services to a diverse college community. New
Mexico Junior College defines college community as its students, employees, partners, and citizens of the area we serve.

In keeping with this value, the college
• helps members of the college community overcome their barriers to success;
• provides convenient, affordable educational opportunities and services;
• provides support for students transitioning to college and on to other postsecondary educational opportunities and to the workplace;
• offers education, training, and activities that meet the diverse interests and needs of the college community; and
• supports educational opportunities through technology.

In keeping with this value, the college
• continually scans the environment locally, regionally, and nationally to identify opportunities that will meet the ever-changing needs and interests of
a diverse and dynamic college community;
• enriches and increases partnerships to identify and meet the educational needs of the college community;
• remains flexible to respond creatively and appropriately to the changing world and to the educational, social, and cultural needs of the diverse
college community;
• provides employees with opportunities for professional growth and development;
• ensures fiscal responsibility and public accountability;
• offers relevant programs and support services that meet the needs of a diverse college community; and
• contributes to the social, cultural, and economic development of the college community.

In keeping with this value, the college will build its understanding and commitment of effectiveness by
establishing and tracking student outcomes to evaluate and improve learning;
• promoting employees’ roles and responsibilities in fost